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India’s Best Company of The Year Awards is a unique benchmarking project which defines the credibility of India’s most successful & fastest growing companies.

It is one of the most premier recognition for a company to achieve due to its distinctive & exhaustive research & selection process that is conducted by Berkshire Media, USA to select the Best companies of India in their particular industry segment. It is a recognition by invitation only. India’s Best Company of the Year Award is a grand salute to the companies who have worked hard in all the aspects to win the trust of their stakeholders and have reached the pinnacle.

The India’s Best Company of The Year Awards 2020 is the most cognized listing of the India’s 100 exceptional Companies that have unambiguously unveiled themselves as the next set of game changers serving through their various consumer-facing businesses.With a spotlight on innovation, international scalability, differentiation and strategic investment to the Indian economy, the INDIA’S BEST COMPANY OF THE YEAR AWARDS celebrates the success of India’s fastest growing & exceptional Companies.

Your company gets eligible for the invite-only after a most comprehensive research conducted by Berkshire Media, finds you as one of India’s Best Companies. It is a true recognition of excellence and appreciation of Companies. It is also a trademark that signifies pride of the entrepreneurs.

INDIA’S BEST COMPANY OF THE YEAR AWARDS are the last word and final seal of approval for commitment to the quality of your products and/or services, and to customer satisfaction and delight. It is a salute of enthusiastic approval for the Companies to recognize and honour their outstanding performance throughout the year.

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Berkshire Media is a multinational business consulting and market research firm headquartered in USA which provides consulting to companies interested in increasing profits, sales and revenue or aiming to start new ventures. Berkshire Media is the trusted advisor to many of the world’s most leading businesses and institutions. The insights and quality services we provide help build trust and assurance in the capital markets and in economies across the globe. Let’s combine your aspirations with our world-class strategies to achieve your business goals.

Berkshire Media is a trusted name for Market Intelligence and Research solutions and a headstrong counsellor to many influential businesses and institutions in India. We are focused on creating and managing brands as valuable strategic business assets and evaluating the viability of extending a brand into new categories and retail channels.

The importance of analysing the performance of the company is a priority for organizations in order to build the path of continuous growth & success. With analysis of the performance, an organization could ascertain and determine strategies to further mould & shape the functioning of the company, which will result in increased efficiency & better performance, thereby increasing its business and revenue. To acquire the much-needed information, Berkshire Media has developed the INDIA’S BEST COMPANY OF THE YEAR Awards concept.

Berkshire Media is the principal executor, trademark owner and the sole intellectual property owner of the activity of “INDIA’S BEST COMPANY OF THE YEAR AWARDS”.

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